Additional In-Office Services

In addition to the personal family care provided, Dr. Casto and her staff at the Doctor's House, also offer a broad line of Medical Cosmetic Therapies (print our brochure). We have treatments for everyone striving to have healthy skin. Treatments offered can benefit aging skin, sun damage, fine lines, acne, dryness, and dark blemishes on face, hand and legs. We also offer a complete line of skin care products by PCA® PCA Skin for pre/post-treatments and daily use to improve effectiveness of your treatment by up to 70%.

Our Treatments

Customized Chemical Peels - $65
serum treatments additional $5 each.

Oxygenation trio - $75
Antioxidant therapy to give a healthy glow to stressed skin. Perfect treatment for a pre-event glow. . .prom, wedding, or party.

Pumpkin Peel - $70
Antioxidant treatment for resufacing skin and pore clearing action.

Clarifying Mask - $60
Refine skin texture and brighten skin while treating acne and dull complexions.

Detox Deep Pore Treatment - $70
Penetrating action for clogged pores, blackheads and rough textures.

Esthetique Peel - $70
Retinol based peel for firming, brightening, and treating skin discoloration and fine lines.

Botox Injections - $10 per unit
Treatments will last 3-6 months. Customized treatment for eyes, nose and forehead ranging from 20 to 50 units.

Latisse® Treatments - $150
Only available by physician increases the length and fullness of your eye lashes.

Sclerotherapy (Varicose Veins) - $75 per section of leg
Non-surgical technique of fine injections into veins to reduce the appearance of spider/varicose veins.

Medical Weight Loss Program

Weight loss program supervised by a physician using medication to increase metabolism, suppress appetite, and maximize energy level. Eat normal food or even restaurant food, even the occasional chocolate and sweets in small amounts.

  • Everything you need for $100/month
  • First Appointment Includes
    • Complete Blood Work-Up
    • EKG
    • BMI Calculated
    • Complete Physical by Dr. Casto
    • Weight Loss Program Manual
    • "Energy Booster" Injection
    • Diet Instructions
  • Weekly Continuation Appointments Include
    • Measurement and Weight
    • "Energy Booster" Injection

Weight Loss Program Options

  • Weight Loss Check with B-12 Shot and Phentermine $100/month
  • Weight Loss Check with B-12 Shot, Phentermine, and LipoVite $135/month
  • Weight Loss B-12 Shot and LipoVite only $50/month
  • Weight Loss LipoVite Only $40/month
  • Phentermine Capsules EXTRA $25/month
  • Call today to make a change in your health.

    ** Weekly weigh in is suggested but not required.
    *** Insurance WILL NOT be billed for this program.
    **** Payment due before services are rendered.
    ***** We accept Cash, and Credit Cards Only. No Personal Checks.
    ****** You must be between 18 and 65 years of age.

    Coming Soon!

    • Massage Therapy
    • The Powder Room Custom Product Line